Flexagon builder

This is a GIMP script that combines 3 pictures into a single flexagon origami.

Download the script

How to install and run the script

  • put the script into the .plugins directory of GIMP
  • start GIMP and create a new empty image
  • click menu File => Filters => Script => Flexagon
  • click Execute

 How to generate the flexagon in GIMP

  • prepare an empty white image (suggested size for the first test: 640x480)
  • paste 3 pictures as new levels in the upper half of the image
  • start the script in preview mode, adjust the parameters, run the script
  • an area selection of 3 hexagons will appear; the 3 pictures must be positioned inside the hexagons (if the pictures don't fit, move/scale the levels until they do)
  • start the script unchecking the preview mode checkbox; the flexagon origami will be generated in the lower half of the screen; the generation process takes a considerable amount of time and memory resources
  • print the origami, fold it, glue it, play with it!