My PC software repository

Utilities/experiments/gizmos and other things

The Win32 binaries for cdialog, the text-based utility to build simple interactive dialogs. Compiled with MinGW.

A DLL extension for SQLite that lets the user create his own functions at runtime. You can open the SQLite shell, define your function with an SQL statement, and then use that function in all the next statements.

My own Javascript project planner: define activities, dependencies and activity length (in days), then click "Generate plan".

An AWK script for the Dijkstra's Algorithm: this commandline utility finds the shortest path in a directed graph. Source and tutorial are available, it should work on Windows/Unix/Linux and wherever you can install an AWK interpreter.

Anagram Generator in Javascript: try this small funny demo! you can also add an excluding pattern (like 'aa|zk|cb') to ignore uninteresting results. Beware: anagramming strings longer than 8 chars can be very time-consuming, so the program stops after 10.000 valid anagrams.

Anagram builder in Javascript: it helps you building an anagram, by holding the remaining available letters. Should be intuitive, try it! Note that you cannot use spaces, punctuation etc., use letters only.

Operations Research - b2c - boolean to constraints: converts boolean expressions into binary integer linear constraints (compiled with MinGW+UnxUtils).

Expandstrings: try this brace expansion utility for Windows, with source code included. Compiled with MinGW+UnxUtils.

Theremin [Win95+, EXE file]: simulate a Theremin device with your mouse. Click "Start", change sound intensity (vertical axis) or sound frequency (horizontal axis).

Message Picker [Win95+, EXE file]: sometimes your PC pops up with a message box, saying something very important. But you can't cut-and-paste a standard Windows message box! This program helps you to grab that messages. Open the MsgPicker window, focus the OK button with the TAB key, go over the message box to be captured (without clicking), then press SPACE. Message box contents will be copied in the editable text area, so that you can do cut/paste/whatever.

Sveglia [Win95+, EXE file]: a simple alarm/reminder; set wakeup time and message, then click OK; a message box will pop up at the right time.

Java Applets - utilities and amusements

These old applets need Java Runtime (JRE). If you want to play them but haven't installed a JRE yet, then you may want to look for an updated JRE on Oracle's website. I know that these days you would use other toolkits (like Processing or processing.js) to build such things; I'm keeping them available for reference, and I don't exclude some day I'll port them to newer technologies and maybe enhance them a bit.

Diadi [Java applet]: build your favourite nonsense machine in a couple of clicks. Connect building elements and drag the free nodes (green-coloured).

DiLaTeX [Java applet]: creation of LaTeX diagrams by hand isn't very easy. This applet helps you to draw simple block diagrams, and convert them to a pure LaTeX source.

Omography Demo [Java applet]: an omography is a correspondence function between two planes; an omography matrix can be used to project an image in perspective, or to draw 3D textures. Play with the applet or download applet and full source code.

Gore Painter [Java applet]: draw your personal bloody splatter picture. Mouse tablet recommended.

Billiard Library [Java applet]: put some billiard balls on the green table and at them bouncing.