Program: Mandelbrot fractal in C++

Download here the source code and executable.

Program: Mandelbrot fractal with bc

bc is a language processor for simple numerical algorithms (similar to C language). If you have a Unix system, you should already have it; check by typing bc -version. If you have Windows, you may click here to get bc for Windows.

Dowload here the source code for bc Mandlebrot plotter [ZIP file]; start plotting using the command bc mandel.bc. The zip contains a makefile, it's only useful if you have the make program installed (else ignore it). If you also have the sed program, make color will do a nice color plot on an ANSI-color-capable terminal (true for most UNIX/Linux, usually false for Windows).

Figure 1: Mandelbrot plot with ASCII characters

Figure 2: Mandelbrot plot converted
to coloured ANSI characters

Picture gallery: a 3D fractal made with Fractint

Figure 1: initial (planar) view of the fractal

Figure 2: the 3D version of the same fractal (you need red/blue glasses to see it)