Chipmunk for Java (win32)

Here's the step-by-step procedure to use the Chipmunk-for-Java bindings on Win32.

  • pre-requirements: MinGW and MSYS installed, JDK installed, Java Ant installed. Before proceeding, check if the commands gcc, make, cp, mv, javac, ant execute properly from the MSYS command line
  • download sources from and unpack them in a folder
  • you should now have a situation similar to this:
  • the sources and the makefile are prepared for Linux machines, so you will now need to edit several text files: apply all the changes listed in this diff file; one of the changes sets the JAVA_HOME path, check if it it matches your PC setup, else change it to the correct path
  • when all changes are applied, type make run-demo
  • system should now compile sources, create dlls and jar archives, and startup application
  • if all commands were executed without error, you should see the demo program running: