Who is Andrea?

This is me in 2004, sitting on a calibration grid at the University labs (a funny place full of crawling robots and scattered wires). Of course I could replace the picture with a more recent one, but luckily I haven't changed that much :)

Name: Andrea Rossetti
City: Trieste (Italy)
Birth date: March 14th, 1979
Degree: Computer Science Engineer; graduated at Università di Padova (Italy) in 2005; the graduation thesis focused on vision systems for autonomous navigation.
- [Get my thesis in PDF, 1.1 MB]
- [Get a Powerpoint presentation, 1.5 MB]
- [Get the video - left panels are inputs, right panel is output by my software 1.6 MB]
(sorry foreign friends, both thesis and presentation are in Italian, but have a look anyway, there are several funny pictures inside).
Current job: I'm basically a C++ programmer for a young and dynamic company named Amped Software.
Other interests: I practice gymnastics and take part to local competitions; I also enjoy cycling, swimming/snorkeling, diving, skiing. Some spare time is devoted to make this tiny website grow :)