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iMsx v.2 - a game launcher for BlueMsx


iMsx will help you to easily choose the program or game to started by the BlueMsx emulator.

iMsx is a freeware program, you are allowed to freely use and distribute it. The author declines any kind of responsibility derived from any problem or damage you could have using iMsx, though he made his best effort in creating an effective and harmless software.

System Requirements

iMsx has been succesfully tested over Windows XP and Windows Vista. Please note that .NET Framework v2.0 is required. The BlueMsx emulator should also be installed on your system.

How to install and configure properly

iMsx executable must be copied in the same directory of the BlueMsx executable.

The images must be in PNG format, and must be placed inside "screenshots" directory; they must be numbered "0000" for the left image (game title), and as "0001" for the right image (in-game screenshot).

You'll also need to create four folders: "MSX1", "MSX2", "MSX2+", "TURBO"; they will contain your games. Recognized extension for games are "DSK"/"dsk", "ROM"/"rom" and "CAS"/"cas".

How to use the program

iMsx has a simple and intuitive interface: four buttons to choose the Msx machine (1/2/2+/TurboR), a listbox of available games, a "Run" button, and an "Exit" button.

You can click on the thumbnails to enlarge them at full size; clicking on the zoom icon will zoom back. The program automatically closes after BlueMsx starts running.

Download iMsx v.2 sv.0006

A new, improved version is now available! There are some small improvements in the search/filter title facilities. Changes involve only the main iMsx executable file. Everything else is the same as iMsx v.2, but for your comfort the ZIP package includes all the necessary executables and readme files.

Previous versions

Credits and greetings

I'm hosting the program on my website, but I didn't wrote the code. For iMsx-related questions or suggestions, contact Aci (the original author of the program) at this email address: [email protected]. Any constructive feedback will be appreciated. Hope you enjoy, have fun!