Casio fx-7500G programs - Mandel v.1.0

This program draws the Mandelbrot fractal in black and white on your Casio screen. Beware that completing the plot requires a lot of time (hours) and eats up your calculator's batteries.

Commands and input

The parameters are the center coordinates (usually the origin), the radius (width of image, usually 2.0), the number of iterations for every point (try 16 or 32), and the accuracy (1 will draw a complete image, N will draw just 1 every N points, it is good for a fast preview).


Here's a picture of what you should get on your Casio screen when the program stops. Please note that drawing the Mandelbrot fractal requires a lot of computational effort from your Casio: drawing the entire fractal image takes *hours*. This may shorten your batteries' charge.

Program source

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